• Accessibility for All: the WCAG Checklist App

    "Accessibility testing is essential to ensure equal access to information for all people, regardless of ability. For developers, designers, managers, and even the casual researcher, outlining and understanding accessibility guidelines can seem like an overwhelming task."

  • Automating Accessibility Testing of Web Applications

    "IBM has released a new solution that is designed to allow developers and testers to integrate automated accessibility testing within Chrome browser development tools to help deliver an optimized user experience and conform to industry standards."

  • Personas for Accessible UX

    "... quick introduction to the personas we created ..."

  • Accessibility Voices

    Firsthand accounts, by people with disabilities, about the accessibility of web sites and apps.

  • Information and Communications Technology Accessibility Testing

    Organizes symposiums "... for the accessibility community to gather, present, and engage colleagues in the discussion of current challenges and pressing issues, and to further the science and practice of testing."

  • Stop Using JAWS for Web Accessibility Testing?

    "This post details the reasons I am considering no longer using JAWS for Web accessibility testing."

  • Access Works

    Commercial service in which people with disabilities perform usability and accessibility testing.

  • Examinator

    This is a Spanish-language "... online service to automatically evaluate the accessibility of a web page, using some techniques recommended by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0)."

  • What Makes Tenon Different?

    "Tenon’s API allows you to customize your testing using 13 parameters that include things like WCAG Level, test certainty, and viewport parameters. By customizing the values for these parameters, you can fine-tune Tenon’s testing to give you the results based on your own priorities. In return, Tenon’s response includes a wealth of details, useful in processing the response for your specific needs, including 14 fields in each issue result.. The flexibility of the API allows you to […]

  • Tenon

    "in a web accessible to everyone. Tenon.io exists because universal design is hard. We create software to help you reach beyond compliance and build superior experiences for everyone."