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Web Accessibility Resources

What We Do

We help clients design web sites, learning management systems, and online courses that are pretty and easy-to-use by everyone, including people with disabilities. We build accessible features as a web site is being designed, rather than waiting until a lot of effort and expense are needed to make it accessible. We provide design work and training to make this happen.

Why Partner With Us?

  • We have extensive experience designing web sites and online courses accessible to people with disabilities.
  • We are expert at helping organizations not only comply with accessibility standards, but also make their web sites actually accessible to people with disabilities.
  • We are a proven, successful partner of public agencies. (See our list of clients.)

What Do You Need?

Your organization needs our help if it:

They must now meet the international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, Level AA.

Accessibility Assessments

  • We examine all applicable materials, including:
    • web-based and mobile apps;
    • web sites; and
    • files, such as PDFs and Microsoft Office documents.
  • We identify gaps, between current materials and accessibility requirements, which pose a risk of non-compliance.

Remediation Support

  • We provide support for remediation activity, and continued compliance with accessibility, adopting best practices.
  • We deliver support in the areas of monitoring materials, policy development, and policy integration.
  • We promote education among content creators to avoid non-compliant pitfalls.
  • We develop unique plans of action to remediate gaps identified in assessments.

Accessibility Training

  • We create tailored training to address areas that require personnel development.
  • We identify resources for continued accessible-content creation.

Why We Do It

There are millions of people with disabilities. Many find using the web difficult. Commercial web sites do themselves a disservice by excluding these folks as customers. Nonprofit agencies with inaccessible websites often exclude the very people they are trying to reach. We are committed to accessible design, which makes a web site usable by everyone.

Web Accessibility Resources

We provide all kinds of resources for people to learn about making web presences usable by everyone.